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Cycle Syncing

Optimize your Health + Work

with your Menstrual Cycle

Unlock the wisdom of your cycle in every aspect of life.

Cycle syncing is the practice of living in harmony with your menstrual cycle. We can harness this internal rhythm to generate momentum in our health, relationships, and work. Your body holds the blueprint for a more regenerative way of living and reaching your goals. Both productivity and creativity come more easily (without force) when we are in sync with this natural rhythm. 

👋 Hands up if this sounds like you? 

  • Productive and organized one week, then chaotic and messy the next

  • SO motivated to start something new, and then zero motivation the following week

  • Ravenous one week, and barely having an appetite the next

  • Working out super hard and consistently but seeming to gain weight

  • Experiencing moderate to severe period pain, but feeling like you have to push through...

  • Social butterfly sometimes, and then wanting nothing to do with other people

  • Big dips in mood, mental clarity, and ability to focus throughout a given month

What if I told you these are common experiences? Your "inconsistency" doesn't make you a failure. You are a cyclical, dynamic being who simply hasn't optimized your hormones... YET.

Learn to Cycle Sync

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in just 6 weeks with a virtual Circle of up to 8 women!

These private, virtual WhatsApp groups are where education meets everyday practice. At the start of each week you'll receive new content, resources, and recommendations straight to your phone. Cycle syncing takes practice and is best learned in community, where you can ask questions in real time and share your experiences with others. Circles are capped at 8 women to ensure an intimate, high touch experience, giving you so much more support than a typical online course.

What you'll learn


  • Week 1: The Fundamentals
    Learn how (and why) cycle syncing works. This week is the sex education we should have gotten in middle school. You'll learn how your hormones and neurochemistry change throughout the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle, and how to track which phase you're in. 

  • Week 2: Eating Cyclically to Optimize Hormonal Health + Reduce Menstrual Symptoms
    Eating in harmony with your cycle has incredible benefits from increased energy to a reduction in PMS. Food is medicine and serves as the foundation for your hormonal health. You'll receive phase-specific grocery lists and a printable food chart for your kitchen, along with strategies for meal planning and meal prep.

  • Week 3: Cyclical Exercise for Weight Stabilization and More Energy
    Unlock increased energy levels, healthy weight loss, and mental focus through cyclical movement and exercise practices. You'll learn how to leverage certain phases of your cycle for weight loss, lean muscle building, flexibility, and recovery. 

  • Week 4: Building Healthier Relationships + Communication with Cycle Syncing 
    Learn to bring more love, presence, and sensuality to your relationships (including your relationship to self!) Your social and sexual needs fluctuate significantly throughout your cycle. You'll learn how to leverage and communicate this better in all types of relationships, including partnership. 

  • Week 5: Optimizing your Productivity, Creativity, and Work Flow for your Cycle
    Learn to organize your work, projects and goals around your cycle to build momentum and reach your goals without burning out. Work will feel more energizing and less draining. Learn how to cyclically design your work routine and weekly habits.

  • Week 6: Bringing It All Together 
    In our final week together, you'll receive a summary of all we've covered and tips for continuing to build your cycle syncing lifestyle. Share final reflections with your Circle members and ask any outstanding questions during a live closing class with your Circle. 

The Benefits of Cycle Syncing

  • Hit your goals without burning out

  • More energy and mental clarity

  • Less (or no) cramps and PMS

  • Less anxiety and depressive moods

  • More flow state (the feeling of getting more done with less effort)

  • Harness peak creativity and productivity at specific times in your cycle

  • Deeper connection with your body and intuition

  • Healthier relationships and better communication 

  • Achieve better results with less effort when working out

Working from Home
Friends Talking Outside
Who are these Circles for?​


​Anyone with a menstrual cycle who is ready to learn how to cycle sync through their diet, exercise, and work habits. You can still learn to cycle sync even if you don't have a regular period or have an IUD. We merely ask that you commit to reviewing the materials and complete your action items each week. The estimated time commitment per week is 4 hours spent watching videos, reading materials, practicing cycle syncing, and engaging in the private WhatsApp. 

Can I Start a Circle with My Friends?​


Absolutely! Going through this experience with friends, family, or coworkers is a super fun way to learn this content and practice together as a community of women. When you register, simply indicate that you'd like to start a new circle, and we'll reach out directly to confirm your start date and open your private WhatsApp channel.

How it Works

1. Sign up for an upcoming Circle.
You can join an existing circle as an individual, or start a private circle of your own. New Circles start on the first Monday of every month.

2. Attend a LIVE Kickoff Call with your Circle Leader.

Begin your journey by connecting with others in your Circle and learning how to make the most out of the weeks ahead. Exact time will be scheduled according to your Circle's availability.

3. Each week, review the content & complete the action items shared in your WhatsApp group.

Your Circle Leader will share a mix of videos, resources, and prompts each week. Follow this living curriculum alongside your cycle-syncing sisters to build your cycle syncing practice week-over-week.

4. Ask questions in real-time & learn from your peers.

In those moments when you get stuck or confused, remember that you have a coaching circle in your pocket! Get feedback, recommendations and peer encouragement as you go.

5. Attend a closing ceremony to complete your 6-week journey.

During this mini "graduation" ceremony, your circle will complete its journey and receive recommendations for how to continue your cycle syncing practice in the months to come. 

What's Included?
  • Weekly video modules (and audio versions to listen on the go)

  • How-to guides on syncing your diet, exercise and work habits

  • Expert facilitation and cycle syncing coaching in your private WhatsApp group for your Circle members only

  • Weekly tips, reflection questions, and action items to keep you on track

  • Recommendations on supplementary materials like books, podcasts, and articles  

  • LIVE kickoff call and closing ceremony call with your Circle Leader

  • Invitation to a private WhatsApp group dedicated to Circle Alumni who want to practice together and continue learning


Tiered Pricing

Choose what's right for you!


We offer 3 pricing options to fit different budgets and ensure this information is accessible across different economic realities. Please choose the amount that is most true for you and your situation.





Upon registering you'll be prompted to select your price.

Hi there! I'm Nicole.

I'm a global serial entrepreneur and executive educator at Harvard University, and I've worked with thousands of founders and executives from around the world. I'm all too familiar with burnout and toxic work cultures, and I believe we need a more regenerative, cyclical way of living and working if we're going to thrive in the next decade on this planet. 


I discovered cycle syncing over 5 years ago when I left my 9-5 and decided to heal my burnout. I devoured every resource I could and rebuilt my lifestyle and business from the ground up using the principles of cycle syncing. I'm consistently seeing better results without sacrificing my health. Now I help other women learn how to do this too.


I believe everyone with a menstrual cycle has a right to this information. Raising our menstrual awareness is healing and empowering to say the least. 


Welcome to the incredible world of cycle syncing. Please share this page with women you love so we can heal together. 💜

In gratitude, 


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 💜

You are more important to me than your money. If you decide this experience isn't right for you within the first week of your Cycle Syncing Circle experience, get a full refund no questions asked.

Still have questions?

Email me directly

or DM me on Instagram!

You'll also find some FAQs below.


What is cycle syncing?

Just like nature has 4 seasons, your menstrual cycle has 4 phases. Hormones fluctuate drastically throughout your cycle, impacting your metabolism, appetite, immune system, libido, ability to burn fat, and more. Through "phase specific" food and exercise, we can optimize our hormones, and leverage key moments in our cycle for productivity, creativity, and maintaining our desired weight. 

Can cycle syncing help with my menstrual symptoms?

Yes! In as little as 1-6 months of cycle syncing, women may experience a reduction (or elimination) of cramps, PMS, mood swings, and mental fog. Cycle syncing can also help to reduce anxiety and depression. Every body is different, and while these results are not guaranteed,  at a minimum, most women develop a more loving relationship to their bodies, their period, food, and exercise during the process of learning this method.

What if I have an IUD or an irregular period?

You can still learning to cycle sync and honor your body's natural rhythms even if you don't get a period or have an irregular bleed. Sometimes there are subtle cues from the body to tell you when your menstrual and ovulatory phases are, but you can always use the lunar cycle as your default and cycle sync with the moon to achieve similar results and develop a more cyclical mindset and lifestyle.

What if I have a more severe menstrual condition like PCOS and PMDD?

Participants should always consult with their primary care physician before making changes to their diet, exercise, or routine, and we especially recommend doing this if you have a history of more severe menstrual health conditions. That said, using cycle syncing to reduce common symptoms of these types of disorders is something we see a lot of! Some of the top thought leaders in the cycle syncing field are in this body of work because they have used it to heal their own symptoms from PCOS, etc.!

What does it mean to be an "anchor" for a Circle?

If you would like to start a private cycle syncing group for your friends and family, you can sign up to be an "anchor" for a Circle. This means that you would reach out to coordinate the invitation and registration for the women you want in your Circle. You'd simply share the registration link with them, and they would put your name down as their Circle anchor when they register. This helps us ensure that we assign Circle members accordingly and keep you together as one group. Beyond this initial coordination, there are no further responsibilities or expectations for Circle anchors. 

I'm especially interested in using cycle syncing to grow my business. Do you offer Circles specifically for professional women and business owners?

We sure do! In fact this is one of our specialties when it comes to more advanced cycle syncing practices. During registration, mention this as one of your goals, and we'll match you with others who are interested in this too. During your Circle experience, we'll adjust the content to gear towards this even more, including templates for building cyclical business strategies and task management systems! 

How do I decide how much to donate in the "pay what you want" model?

We invite you to strike a balance of your current financial situation and the value that you see yourself gaining from this experience. Choose a number that feels right to you. It should feel fair (and maybe even generous) without causing stress or anxiety. 

What is the time commitment and cadence for these Circles?

New Circles launch on the first Monday of each month, and last for 6 weeks total. New content is shared via your WhatsApp group at the start of each week. Throughout each week, you'll receive additional resources, recommendations, and self-reflection prompts to support your practice. You'll receive "assignments" or action items to complete as well, to ensure the practical application of the material, and you'll be invited to share how it's going along the way. You can ask questions in real-time via the WhatsApp group. You can expect to spend about 4-5 hours per week learning how to cycle sync and deepening your practice. 

What is your refund policy? / What if I need to postpone?

If you're not 100% satisfied or decide this experience isn't right for you, just let us know within the first 7 days of your Circle's launch date and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. You can also defer your enrollment to a future Circle if extenuating circumstances change your availability and capacity to participate. We honor that life happens, and want you to be able to fully commit to get the most out of this.

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