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The practices and prompts in the journal are a synthesis of 10+ years working with thousands of entrepreneurs and executives from around the world. If you're a business owner who also wants to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle while scaling your company, this journal is made for you. Not only are you a leader in your business, but you're the leader of your own life. 


This journal will help you to:


- Gain clarity on what is most important to you and why
- Refine your purpose
- Identify the values that will help you become your best self
- Develop a morning routine that will keep you grounded and unstoppable
- Evolve your leadership practice to be more intuitive
- Design a regenerative lifestyle that replenishes you rather than burns you out
- Learn strategic practices that you can complete each month and quarter (season) to build momentum towards your goals



You'll receive the journal as a PDF that has 5 distinct sections. The journal is intentionally undated so that you can start anytime. 


1. Welcome + How to use this Journal
2. Foundational Practices
3. Daily Journal Practices
4. Monthly Journal Practices
5. Seasonal + Annual Journal Practices


We recommend first completing your foundational practices, and revisiting these over time for further refinement as you evolve as a business and a leader. Use the daily journal alongside any physical notebook (or even a Google doc if you prefer to type!), using the prompts in the PDF as your guide and recording your answers elsewhere. Then at the end of each month, you'll pull up the monthly practices and so on. You could also have the PDF printed at your local print shop if you prefer to work with a physical copy (printing cost not included in your purchase). The content in the journal is extremely valuable, and HOW you decide to use it should fit into your preferences and lifestyle. 


About the author:


Nicole Bellisle is the president and founder of Living Leaders. She is an executive leadership educator at Harvard University, and has worked inside of some of the top business accelerators on the planet. She also works with Fortune 500 CEOs in her role at Leaders on Purpose. She has helped scale 8 companies in the last 10 years, including a startup that was funded on Shark Tank. Nicole has personally developed the practices in this journal, and uses them as an entrepreneurial leader and executive. 

Business Owner's Life + Work Journal

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