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Cycle syncing is the practice of syncing your lifestyle (diet, exercise, work) to the 4 distinct phases of your menstrual cycle. As an executive educator and global serial entrepreneur, cycle syncing has helped me heal burnout and build healthy momentum in all areas of my life, including exercising and working out. It has transformed how I related to my body.

The female body is optimized for burning fat and building muscle at different times during the menstrual cycle. By exercising in harmony with your cycle, you'll see better results, and working out will feel better. Your body's energy and stamina naturally rise and fall according to your hormonal fluctuations each month.

In this 15 page guide, you will find:

- The fundamentals behind cyclical exercise and cycle syncing
- "Hacks" for more easily burning fat and increasing muscle at key times in your cycle
- Recommended workouts for each phase
- Practices for reducing painful menstrual cramps

If you love this guide, be sure to check out my other two, so that you can begin eating and working in harmony with your cycle as well.

Cycle Syncing Guide: Exercises for each Phase of the Menstrual Cycle

  • PDF File (15 pages)

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