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Cycle syncing is the practice of syncing your lifestyle (diet, movement, work) with your menstrual cycle. Just like the phases of the moon, or the four seasons, the menstrual cycle has 4 phases, each with its own unique gifts and energies.

If you're interested in building momentum in your career or business, this guide is for you. I'm Nicole, and I've worked with thousands of executives and entrepreneurs around the world in roles at Harvard University, Techstars, Impact Hub, and Leaders on Purpose (working with Fortune 500 CEOs).

In scaling 8 companies in 10 years, I know first hand how damaging burnout and workaholism can be for our bodies and relationships. Cycle syncing has transformed my health and how I run my companies. By working in harmony with my menstrual cycle, and syncing my business and leadership practices to each of the 4 phases of my cycle, I've unlocked empowered feminine leadership in all areas of my life. I sync my diet, exercise, and work habits with my menstrual cycle.

Your cycle is the key to unlocking your feminine leadership potential. Each phase of the menstrual cycle offers unique gifts that can be utilized at work, Cycle syncing at work can help prevent work trauma responses, heal burnout, and boost creativity. It is possible to improve your health WHILE getting better business results.

Inside this 21-page guide, you will find:
- What is cycle syncing and how can it help heal burnout?
- How to harness your cyclical nature as. a strategic advantage
- Leading from the feminine gifts that our world so desperately needs
- Core business practices for each phase
- Why PMS and cramps aren't normal
- Activities you can do solo or with your team during each phase
- Recommendations for morning routines for each phase

If you enjoy this guide, be sure to check out my other two guides on cyclical eating and cyclical exercise! Your diet and movement practices will build a foundation for sustaining energy and momentum in all areas of your life.

Cycle Syncing Guide: Leadership Practices for each Phase of the Menstrual Cycle

  • PDF File (21 pages)