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Discover the groundbreaking practice of cycle syncing with "The Power of Cycle Syncing: A Complete Guide to Optimizing Health, Relationships and Productivity.” Cycle syncing is a method that harmonizes your diet, exercise, and work habits with the four distinct phases of your menstrual cycle, and has long been used as a method for naturally reducing menstrual symptoms such as PMS, menstrual cramps, and symptoms associated with diagnoses such as PCOS and PMDD. 


This guide is more than an ordinary book. Filled with stunning photography, practical tips and tools, and QR codes that drop you into exclusive cycle syncing content and bonuses, this book is both a multimedia educational experience and a work of art. The proprietary templates and cheat sheets throughout the book make getting started with cycle syncing easy and accelerate the reader’s applied learning journey. 


Authored by Nicole Bellisle, an experienced educator at Harvard University, global serial entrepreneur, and avid cycle syncer herself, this comprehensive guide unveils the transformative power of aligning your lifestyle with the natural rhythms of your menstrual cycle. Throughout the book, Nicole shares her insights and practical tools for leveraging cycle syncing to combat menstrual pain, fatigue and burnout, enhance creativity, and step into empowered feminine leadership. Nicole’s unique experience makes this book different from other cycle syncing resources out there. Not only will you walk away with a deep understanding of the basics (food and exercise), but you’ll be able to apply the principles of cycle syncing to key areas of your life such as relationships and work. 


Key Chapters and Features


  • Cyclical Eating: Master hormone balance through cyclical eating and meet the nutritional needs unique to each phase of your menstrual cycle. With customized grocery lists and a user-friendly food chart, this guide helps you nourish your body intuitively.

  • Cyclical Exercise: Enhance fat burning and muscle building by aligning your workout routine with your menstrual cycle. This guide provides optimal exercise strategies for each phase, along with tips to alleviate menstrual cramps.

  • Cycle Syncing in Relationships: Cultivate deeper connections in all relationships by applying the principles of cycle syncing. Learn to communicate your needs effectively, set healthy boundaries, and enrich your romantic life with cycle-aware practices.

  • Cycle Syncing at Work: Boost your workplace productivity and creativity by syncing work habits with your cycle phases. Ideal for employees and leaders alike, this section offers strategies to utilize the natural strengths of your cycle, unleashing feminine leadership skills and avoiding burnout.


A Look Inside 


Dive into 200 pages of profound insights, paired with beautiful imagery and actionable advice. This guide unravels the mysteries of the menstrual cycle, offering a treasure trove of wisdom:


  • Menstrual Cycle Mastery: Decode the four phases of the menstrual cycle, understanding the monthly ebb and flow of hormones and neurochemistry.

  • Nutrition and Exercise Tailored to Your Cycle: Indulge in phase-specific foods with handy grocery lists and meal planning tips. Discover exercise fundamentals that sync with your cycle, complete with fat-burning hacks, muscle-boosting exercises, and recommended routines to ease menstrual discomfort.

  • Holistic Self-Care and Relationships: Learn to navigate your relational dynamics with grace, articulating your needs and boundaries clearly. Embrace self-care practices that honor each phase of your cycle, enhancing your well-being.

  • Empowered Productivity: Transform your work habits with cycle syncing insights that elevate productivity and creativity. Unlock your feminine leadership potential and leverage each menstrual phase for peak performance.

  • Tools for Sustainable Success: Implement cyclical task management tools that propel momentum and manage stress effectively. Explore why adopting a cyclical mindset isn't just beneficial—it's sustainable.

  • Team Synergy: Learn the art of cycle syncing within teams to harness collective strengths and foster a supportive work environment.

  • Nicole's Expertise: With personal anecdotes and strategies backed by Nicole Bellisle's extensive experience with global leaders—from startups on Shark Tank to Fortune 500 CEOs—this book is an essential roadmap for anyone looking to harness the natural power of their cycle for a thriving professional and personal life.


Why This Book?


If you've ever felt that conventional diets and rigid work routines fail to accommodate your body's changing needs, this book is your answer. "The Power of Cycle Syncing" is more than just a guide; it's a movement towards embracing our cyclical nature and using it as a strategic advantage in all facets of life.


Embark on this journey to revolutionize your relationship with your body, food, exercise, and work. Embrace the power of cycle syncing and unlock a world of vitality, self-love, and empowered feminine leadership.


Pre-Order Now to be one of the first to access these life-changing insights and practical tools. Official book release date on September 7th. Available in hardcover, soft cover, or as an e-book. 


Length: 200 Pages

The Power of Cycle Syncing: A Complete Guide to Optimizing Health, Relationships

  • Now available for pre-sale ONLY! Be one of the first to get a copy of this 200 pages of profound insights, paired with beautiful imagery and actionable advice. Expected ship date is April 22, 2024.

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