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A short collection of creative writings, straight from the moments when life seems to be speaking through me and art moves through my body as if it's being birthed. How could I not surrender and be guided by the rich decadence of these moments? Those moments fill me. So I offer them here, as a form of art. 

Resources shared from my heart to support your journey

Guided How-To's + Tools


The Living Leaders Podcast

A podcast intended to transform how we do life + work.

We are birthing a new paradigm of work that is more sustainable and honors of our sovereignty as creative beings in these beautiful bodies. Join me to explore the death of an old paradigm of control and extraction, and discover new templates for life + work, that feel natural, ancient and innovative all at once. It's time to walk each other home, and embody regenerative leadership. 

Podcast Appearances

Join Nicole in even more conversations about conscious leadership and regenerative living.

Recommended Books

Books have always had a way of showing up exactly when I need them. I am forever grateful to these authors for the wisdom and medicine of their words.

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Coming Soon!

I've distilled everything I know about self-healing and self-leadership into one book. Packed with practices and multi-media resources, this book is designed to support your unique journey to becoming a conscious leader.

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Recommended Podcasts

Soul-aligned podcasts by my dear brothers & sisters who are also ushering in this new paradigm, and holding space for transformational conversations. 

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