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Lifestyle Design + Financial Modeling

Did you know you can reverse engineer your ideal lifestyle, to determine the financial model that will support that lifestyle?

My ideal lifestyle is seasonal (or cyclical) and global. I don't work when I'm menstruating, and I take a season of rest and integration during the winter. I value location freedom and time flexibility, so it's important to me to have a mix of active and passive income streams.

Knowing what I value, I can not only construct my ideal lifestyle design, but I can also build a financial model that supports it. In this video I'll share more about this concept and how to get started.

First, you'll need to identify what you truly value and want in your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself. Write down what comes up, not what you think you should value or want.

From there, you'll start to map out the specifics of your ideal lifestyle. How often will you work, and on what? How much time off will you take? Will your calendar be empty or full, or will it ebb and flow depending on the season? Get specific.

Now that you have a vision for your ideal lifestyle, what will that lifestyle cost? And what income streams will get you there? Remember, you don't want to choose income streams or formats of work that go against the values you listed. It's possible to live your ideal lifestyle AND financially resource it. There are plenty of creative levers to pull when it comes to pricing, delivery format, and exploring passive or investment-based income streams.

Your life is a business, and it gets to be a work of art. Your lifestyle can look as unique as you are.

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Financial Model Spreadsheet:

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