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Let's live + work more regeneratively, together.

Conscious leadership is a deep practice that invites us to stand in our truth and integrity. When we do the inner work to self-heal and master our energy, we build cultures that invite people into their wholeness, rather than cultures that exploit or control. The culture of work is undergoing a huge paradigm shift, and that shift starts within you, in your "inner culture." 

As an executive educator at Harvard University, Reiki Master, and serial entrepreneur, I've been humbly walking the path to mastering these practices, and am here to share them with you. 

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I'm Nicole

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The way we work has changed for good.

It's no secret that business as usual is killing us and the planet. Our current paradigm of work is rooted in extraction and control, and we are ready to evolve beyond this. We must rehumanize work and decolonize our leadership mindsets, in order to reclaim our health and work in harmony with each other and nature.

Regenerative leadership is a system of self-leadership and nature-inspired operational practices that allow you to scale purpose-full companies that heal and serve, by existing in this k(new) way. Stick with me to learn how to scale without burning out, using the three pillars of Regenerative Leadership:

nature-inspired operations, energy management, and self-healing.  

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Discover the groundbreaking practice of cycle syncing. This guide is more than an ordinary book. Filled with stunning photography, practical tips and tools, and QR codes that drop you into exclusive cycle syncing content and bonuses, this book is both a multimedia educational experience and a work of art. The proprietary templates and cheat sheets throughout the book make getting started with cycle syncing easy and accelerate the reader’s applied learning journey. 

I've worked with incredible humans across the globe, who are also transforming the way we work.


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Living Leaders Podcast

A podcast about conscious, regenerative leadership.

We (and the companies we run) are living systems, and right now those systems are sick. We’re in a leadership (r)evolution as we move through paradigm shifts, heal our work trauma, and become more conscious, regenerative people and organizations. 

New episodes twice per month!

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What I'm All About

Guiding Values + Beliefs

  • We are nature, and at our core, we are love.

  • We are cyclical + dynamic beings

  • In Western cultures, we are indoctrinated into an exploitative culture of colonialism and control from birth. Humanity is now seeing through the veil of disillusionment, as we unlearn and deprogram these harmful mindsets.

  • We are stepping into a new paradigm built on a (k)new logic that is rooted in a trifecta of consciousness, nature, and technology (both new + ancient)

  • Reclaiming our sovereignty and inner guidance systems is the key to hospicing our current patriarchical, colonial system of harm

  • We are being asked to do the deep work of decolonizing our minds and healing our ancestral lineages

  • Embodied, integrated leadership happens from the inside out

  • Rest and stillness are where we learn to listen to the wisdom within, and heal addiction to productivity

  • We chose to be here at this time to witness the greatest evolutionary leap in human consciousness yet, and we are surrounded by the love and support of our guides + ancestors as we make the jump

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Resources to Support You

All resources are donation-based, to make them accessible to all. 

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